Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Today I decided I would browse through our pics and tell you about some I find...

Miss K has always been great at dirty looks - as you can see from this old pic... Can't believe she turns 7 this month! She is so excited to be growing up and is so full of cute giggles.
This one of the guys elk trapping is a site a lot of people don't get to see. Don't worry - they don't hurt the elk when they do this. They just have to use brute force to hold them down so they don't break a leg by getting kicked by an elk. The elk are about the size of a horse most often. Eric has been under one a time or two as well. The hazards of having such a cool job I guess. They take some samples to help determine their health, collar them to monitor their movements, and then release them and wait for the collar to drop off at a pre-set time. It's pretty cool to see the data trends. I'm so lucky to have such a cool hubby - (who is not in this picture by the way- he took it). I can further explain the process of trapping if you want... One of these days I'm going to go too.

This picture of my old kitchen is from right afer I painted it. I miss that nice open space... I loved my red wall...

Saturday, February 26, 2011


So I think my house is just as messy w/ me being home as it was when I was working all the time. Mainly because little boy and I are pretty content to sit and chatter, read books, eat snacks (too many), play the computer and watch cartoons. I am so blessed!

When the weather is warmer (in a couple months probably) I'm planning to majorly de-junk/de-clutter... My "mud room" is full of things because it's been cold and I've been bad about returning things to the shed where they belong instead..

Friday, January 28, 2011

Flippy it is

What a difference a day makes...
So - I am bad and once I get an idea in my head I just go with it - After seeing the first few votes on the hair cut or not poll roll in I knew I was a gonner - mr. C was actually the only No vote (trying to help me with my cause I guess). So, today after my shower - (when I was just putting my hair in a pony tail AGAIN), I decided Eric is probably right - short is good because then I actually do something with my hair...

So I went ahead and chopped it off this morning... Miss M doesn't like and mr. C didn't even notice a difference... haha - No one else is home of course to see it yet.
And I have to admit - that when I was looking for pics. of my hair at different lenths the ones I did seem to think I looked better in were w/ it short..... Now I'll just have to go in sometime and get it fixed by a professional. :)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

poll pictures

So - I have dug up some pictures of my hair at different lengths - Okay - actually I just took this first one of me -today- fresh out of the shower as I didn't have other recent ones (yes I showered at 10 a.m. - so fantastic...)

Wondering if I should cut it shorter again (Eric likes it short and flippy and highlighted too)
OR should keep growing it? I like it longer... :) I like it even longer than in this family picture but after looking through my pics. over the years it's very apparent I am not in very many pictures... so this is the best image I have of my hair being longer.

What do YOU think? Vote on my poll to the right. :)

Year of parties

Last March miss K had her first birthday party - turning 6 - We decided to have 2010 the year of parties. The older girls had each had one other party before last year.

When I was growing up we got parties every other year - when we turned an even number (I think... or was it odd?) Anyway -we decided to do the same thing - except we decided to do a year of parties and then a year off w/ just fun for the family.
She got to invite about 8 friends - not all could come - but she loved it -even though you can't tell from her look in some of the pictures.

She chose her cake from the picture on the back of the cake box and was so excited for it - so I was I as it was very easy to do. :) She loved it.
She is such a sweet fun girl. I can't believe she will turn 7 in just a few more weeks!

Monday, January 17, 2011

still here... :)

Can't believe how long it's been since I posted!

This past year has been CRAZY busy! So much has happened! I loved making a book from my blog the last time and would like to do that again so I am going to try and post more often - I'm afraid there will be a lot of "catch up" to do though so bear with me if you're checking in - Just be warned that I might be writing about Christmas in July... ;)

The BEST NEWS of late is that I am back to being a stay at home mom! I am so excited! A little nervous as we really don't have excess money or anything to allow for it - but my being gone 40 hours a week just for a few hundred bucks was NOT worth the loss of time at home. Not only are the kids and I happier (and Eric because I'm actually cooking dinner regularly again) but my house is loving it too! I am finally decluttering the last year of piles...

Eric just switched jobs - but not really - as he is the same thing (Wildlife Biologist) but just has a different management area - his big move is in moving his stuff across the hall to another office. :) He will have different focus species - no longer big game - and a diff. location for field work - but we aren't moving or anything. He accepted the transfer in order to make more money - a small raise which will help my transition to being home.

I am so blessed. My life is so good - Heavenly Father loves me and gives me so much to be grateful for. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010


So, one of my newest quotes I like is "If nothing ever changed, there'd be no butterflies." Change is good and constantly happens. I've found I'm most happy when we "don't sweat the small stuff". Life is so precious and we are so blessed. I am so grateful for my family and for the gospel of Jesus Christ. I am grateful to have a living Prophet on the earth, Thomas S. Monson and the other faithful servants and apostles of the Lord. I love that new technology allows for great messages and that they make such great "Mormon Messages" on youtube.

I am so grateful for the tender mercies of the Lord in my life and hope we can always take the time to realize what we are blessed with.
I'm just so grateful. :)

I finally found our camera battery charger and was so glad to be able to take pics of my kids. They're the best and I'm so blessed to have them as mine. I love my life. Now, when I find the camera itself (haha) I will post the pics. Nothing fancy, just every day life - I took some of them watching a movie together I think...